Past Projects

June 2009

Location: Madeira

Shoot: Wreck of sand dredger "Bowbelle"

Purpose: Personal project in conjunction with Love Productions/BBC
Gaurdian Article - Tim Ecott

July August 2009

Location: Straits of Gibraltar

Shoot: Pilot, Sperm and Orca Purpose: with Steve Warren of Ocean Optics
Read DIVER article here

Gallery of Stills

September 2009

Location: Northern Andalusia/ExtremaduraShoot: Otters and Turtles

November 2009
Location: Cocos Island Costa Rica

Purpose: Training, Camera Set Ups


Feb-March 2010
Location: Sri Lanka
Shoot: Blue + SpermWhales,

Purpose: Sri Lanka Promotion
Gallery of Stills


July 2010: Straits of Gibraltar
Shoot: Pilot Whales


August 2010: Spain

Tuna Tagging with WWF


Nov/Dec 2010 - Baja California

Striped Marlin with Amos Nachoum





Jan/Feb 2011 Sri Lanka

Blue Whales

Whale Island - With Philip Hoare

Ocean Giants - BBC NHU/


The Guardian (Pilot Whales)

The Sunday Telegraph


WDCS Thinking Whales


June/July/August 2011

Azores: Mid Atlantic Whale Island Shoot


The Guardian: 12 metre long babysitters


BBC Ocean Giants


With Philip Hoare at the Sri Lankan High Commission September 2011 - campaign for responsible whale watching.

WDCS @ Whale Fest Brighton


Feb 2012 Sandgrains - Cape Verde


Sandgrains Shoot Blog


Feb 2012 Pilot Whales WDCS - Supporting Ad UK Release.

March 2012 WDCS Cinema Ad

April 2012 Blue Whale Filming Sri Lanka UL/WDCS

The Dogs Trust - Parliament, London

WDCS Briefing Sri Lanka High Commission London

Rwanda - SURF filming

June 2012 Pilot Whales Filming Gib (Campaign)

July 2012 Pilot Whales Filming Gib

Aug 2012 Pilot Whales Filming Gib

Moby Dick - The Big Read

November - The Nicaragua Shoot

Other Projects

Feb 2009
Tacugama Chimp Sanctuary
Freetown Sierra Leone: Gallery

Survivors & Memory
Rwanda 2000-2008 photography exhibition at Southwark Cathedral, London

LSE London: Heroes Of Our Time
Rwandan Courage & Survival

London School of Economics 2011 Summer Exhibition SURF "Restorative Justice"

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Holocaust Day JC Deceaux Poster

JC Deceaux 2012 Poster Campaign- Holocaust Day